Its True The MGM Lion Exhibit in Vegas is a thing of the past

A lot of people still want to know about the Lion attraction at the MGM. They remember it or have heard about it. I saw it several times. I was basically Lions sleeping in glass cages. While it was interesting to see Lions close up in this manner it was also horribly cruel. The beautiful animals looked so depressed, it was horrible to see them locked up with no reason to live. Yes it really was that bad. So I personally am glad it closed.

The lion attraction at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas was a popular tourist attraction from 1999 to 2012. It was located in the casino, next to the slot machines and gambling tables. The attraction was a glass-enclosed habitat that housed a group of lions. Visitors could walk through a tunnel underneath the habitat to see the lions up close.

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The lion attraction was started in 1999, when the MGM Grand opened. The lions were originally from a ranch in Nevada, and they were rotated in and out of the habitat every few days. The habitat was designed to be as comfortable as possible for the lions, with plenty of space to roam, climb, and play.

The lion attraction was a popular tourist attraction for many years. It was a unique opportunity to see lions up close and personal. However, the attraction was also controversial. Some people argued that it was cruel to keep lions in captivity, especially in a noisy and crowded environment like a casino.

In 2012, the MGM Grand announced that it would be closing the lion attraction. The hotel said that the decision was made for financial reasons. However, some people believe that the decision was also made due to public pressure.

How to find the MGM Lion Exhibit at the MGM Grand:

You can not find it because its gone. The lion attraction was located in the casino, next to the slot machines and gambling tables. There was a large sign that said “Lion Habitat” above the entrance.

Where the Lion Exhibit was located:

The lion attraction was located in the MGM Grand casino, at 3799 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas, NV 89109.

When the Lion Exhibit started:

The lion attraction started in 1999, when the MGM Grand opened.

When the MGM Lion Exhibit closed:

The lion attraction closed in 2012.

Goodbye MGM Lion Exhibit hello end to Lion Cruelty?. Not Exactly, there are other places in Las Vegas where you can see lions, such as the Big Cat Habitat at the Wildlife Research Center of Nevada.