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Kids in Vegas was Founded: August 2000

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Update 2023 Late Fall

You are probably here because you want to find family friendly things to do in Las Vegas. We are not affiliated with any other Las Vegas Sites and all our site content is 100% Family Friendly. There is no reason to not browse our content with your children present. As such we are also not a business. This is a passion project. This is why you will NOT FIND LINKS to book hotels or events. You will also not find many clickable links. Because over time trying to go back and route out all the dead links became too time consuming. If you have visited before you will note big changes. We have fixed nearly every broken link and completely updated and rewritten the site to reflect what is going on now.

We are NOT SPONSORED, we do not Sell ads, we do not collect personal information. We will NEVER EMAIL you anything unless it’s a reply to a question you many have. Quite simply I do not care about the hustle required to chase down sponsors. We do work use one Ad Service from Google to offset the costs of running and maintaining a site.

KIds in Vegas Has Been Documenting Family Friendly Vacation Opportunities for a Very Long Time

In fact most people reading this probably were not using the Internet in 2000. I started Kids in Vegas more than 20 years ago (So hard to believe that all those years of time have passed by). An entire Generation of Children has been born and grown into adulthood. At that time Las Vegas was attempting to attract more family visitors and promoting family friendly venues. That period quickly came and went. Vegas is a place that children are allowed, but it really isn’t a destination most people would consider for a Family Vacation. But that does not have to be true. There actually are some fun things to do here!

Also back at that time I was well into my career and Kids in Vegas was a project that was part personal and part business. Today I have transitioned out of the general workforce and spend my time on Passion Projects. I’m not sure how passionate I am about some things which take up so much time, but I feel an obligation to help out where I can.

Kids in Vegas is NOT a business… it’s a PROJECT. Everything is Las Vegas is in continual flux. It’s really tough for one person to keep up. Fortunately I only have to keep up with the Family Interests not the entire sphere of activities and events.

Our Stated Mission: To provide families visiting the Las Vegas area with an easy to use resource which helps plan trips with kids to Las Vegas.

With approximately 35-38 million visitors coming to Las Vegas each year and about 4 million Children it’s easy for parents to wonder what can kids do in Las Vegas?  Did you know that even with all the Hotels we have in Las Vegas Seattle Washington still gets more yearly visitors than we do! Almost 2 million more. Cities like Chicago and NYC also many more. Ad you should not be shocked to learn the most visited city is the Orlando Florida area. But we like it here. We hope you’ll find our research on family friendly things to do in Las Vegas helpful. Activities, Events, Hotels, Shows all featured on our site for fun for the whole family. We can not track every single place a family might want to visit, but we do our best.

If you have questions you may send us email via the “Contact” Tab.  Emails are generally responded to within 24 hours excluding weekends. Generally is not a fixed rule however.

I also helped set up and consult on Untamed Austin take a look.