Las Vegas High Roller at The LINQ

April 3, 2014

Las Vegas Ferris Wheel so What’s the Big Deal?

The Las Vegas High Roller (550′ Tall) Ferris Wheel (and yes the name is a play on words) opened on Monday March 31st. The cost to ride is $24.95 per person during the day and $34.95 per person during the night. Each full revolution of the wheel takes 30 minutes to complete.

The official name is:  Skyvue Las Vegas Super Wheel (click link to visit the site and purchase tickets.  Disclaimer:  Kids in Vegas is not affiliated with the Skyvue site and we are not paid a commission to link to them)

Skyvue Ferris Wheel Las Vegas SkyVue Ferris Wheel

Each gondola (There are 28 total) on the Wheel can hold up to 40 people and is air conditioned.  Each Gondola weighs 44,000 lbs and it’s designed to withstand 650,000 revolutions which is far in excess of it’s expected 50 year life.  The Gondolas have a diameter of 22′ and 300 sq ft of glass.  They are also equipped with 8 flat screen televisions (sure why not watch TV for $50 an hour when you could look out the window?).  There must be a better purpose for the TV’s?

We have not ridden the wheel yet so it’s hard to say how enjoyable it is to be in a small space with that many people all trying to see the same views.  Not much to look out and see on the SW side of town, or to be honest the North West side of town either; at least in our opinion. The attraction is the view of the Las Vegas Strip.

Do you think the prices are a bit high? Well considering the cost to complete the attraction was $175 million and this is Las Vegas the prices are on par for any other venue.

Should you and your family take the ride?  We have mixed feelings about this question that basically revolve around how much “value” a family of four would get spending $100 for a half hour slow moving ride to view the Strip from a Higher Vantage point.  Ultimately that’s up to you to decide.  Remember there are no restrooms in the Gondolas so be sure to plan accordingly.

What is the LINQ?

The LINQ is the outdoor pedestrian mall across from the Caesars Palace Resort.  Caesars Entertainment created this shopping and entertainment district.  It’s essentially and “alley” or “walkway” between the strip and the Dkyvue High Roller Ferris Wheel.  You’ll find a number of shops and small eateries including the Brooklyn Bowl which offers a concert venue, nightclub, bar and bowling alley.

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