Cheap Flights to Las Vegas

March 4, 2012

Search for Cheap Flights to Las Vegas

Most of you already know that it’s really tough to find a discount plane ticket. Prices seem to be very stable from one airline to the other. From many cities you don’t have that many options. But you can at least look for a cheap flight to Vegas, right?

Compare Rates on Las Vegas Plane Tickets:

  • Expedia of course offers the same type of service and should also be on your list of places to compare airline ticket costs.

FYI:  SouthWest Airlines books direct and has some very good deals if you book in advance.  Keep in mind SouthWest as a commuter airline is essentially a “Short Hop” (1,000 miles or less per flight on average) carrier and only offers Coach Seating.   They do offer a service called “Business Select”, but it’s not better seating it’s based on boarding priority and a few extras.

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