American Casino Guide

The American Casino Guide

Popular among all visitors for it’s insightful reviews steering Las Vegas Vacationers towards the better establishments and offering tips and tricks on what to do and how to play the various casino games.

Customer Reviews:

By Isackson “Reader/Gamer” (WA)

For the last 5 years I’ve made a habit of traveling to Las Vegas a couple times a year. When it comes to travel for me it’s all about getting the most bang for my buck. At first I was understandably a little reluctant to shell out the money for a book full of coupons to a place I was only going to spend a week of the year at however after researching the coupons found in the book I decided that it would easily pay for itself.

Boy did it ever. If you like to casino hop like I do just the matchplays and the free play coupons make this a more then worthwhile purchase. This is in addition to all the great buy one get one free buffets and meals at varius casino restaurants (many of the places will even let you use them on their specials – I went to the Diner at the Golden Gate and they allowed me to use their buy one get one free on their prime rib special – for 2 prime rib dinners with the works… talk about a deal !

Other features in the book such as basic overviews on different casino games, a pretty good map of casinos on the strip, near the strip, and downtown along with contact info for each casino and other details are also pretty helpful.

I’ve already ordered my copy for 09 and will continue to do so for each subsequent year that I take a trip to Vegas.

This is a great purchase.