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We live in Las Vegas and our site is REAL, has been for more than a Decade. In 2017 45+ Million People visited Las Vegas and about 4 million of those were Children.  Vegas is not geared towards Children so planning is essential.  And Today’s post recession Las Vegas is EXPENSIVE.  Families will get better Vacation Value out of pretty much any other Destination Resort City.  Kids in Vegas is for those who choose to come anyway.  We are not some fluff piece written by some writer who hasn’t even stepped foot in any of the attractions. We are not some after thought page written by a staff writer for a Corporate Behemoth. We are real people who actually get out and about on the Las Vegas Strip and around town.

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Spa Suite at the Mandalay Bay Las Vegas a perfect place to take the kids Enjoy peace and quiet after a hard day in the 610 square foot Spa Suite – CLICK PHOTO FOR RATE QUOTE

We know what kids like to do here in Las Vegas so parents trust our opinions. Because we show you whats real and whats fun. So if you are thinking about bringing your children with you to Las Vegas then you are in the right place.

There are a lot of other Websites being made by people in their spare room, who don’t even live in Las Vegas. Sites made by people that do not live here in Las Vegas and are only trying to make a buck. Sites that are written by staff writers who will write 50 articles this week about anything they are paid to write about. Some of these writers even visit our site to get their information. Sites with misleading if not completely wrong information. They write about Las Vegas Kids stuff… but never even step foot in the attractions. Some of these people have never even been to Las Vegas! They will write and say anything to try and make a buck.

In the Past 18 Years we have had more than a Million Visitors to our Site

We get out and about and visit the Las Vegas Strip several times a year. That’s right we walk in and out of the Casinos and Attractions to see first hand what is going on. We follow the local trends here in Las Vegas and know what you should avoid or embrace. We are a local business and support the local community. If you plan to bring your kids with you to Las Vegas then you owe it to yourself to browse our site.

Over the past decade more than a million visitors like you have made Kids in Vegas their first choice when researching what to do and where to stay in Las Vegas. We make Las Vegas kids friendly vacation planning fun and easy for you and your family. Las Vegas Nevada has more to offer Kids than one might think! And you’ll find the best information on Kid Friendly Hotels and Fun Family Activities here at KidsinVegas.com. We’ve been providing helpful Vegas Travel advice longer than any other Vegas Kids Site. We have received a lot of feedback from families visiting Las Vegas which is why so many people consider us the “Goto” source for planning a trip to Las Vegas.  Let us be your family friendly Las Vegas Guide.

Las Vegas for Kids favorite Swimming Pools at Mandalay Bay Four Seasons Las Vegas 6 Mandalay Bay, Four Seasons, THEhotel Las Vegas Pool Complex – CLICK PHOTO FOR RATE QUOTE

Is Las Vegas for Kids? We’ll show you why we believe Vegas is a great family destination. We are based right here in Las Vegas Nevada, we have been writing about “Kid Friendly” Las Vegas Activities, Hotels, and Adventure for more than a decade now. We get out and walk “The Strip”, visit the Casino Resorts, and talk to the people! If you want to get the real Vegas scoop and not just another crappy list of the same old, same old… then the best way to start is to use the Navigation Buttons above and dig in!

Our experience shows the Top 3 Priorities for Family Trips to Las Vegas are:

  1. Kid Friendly Hotels – where should we stay, how much will it cost, and what amenities are available for my family.
  2. Kid Friendly Activities – how can I keep my children entertained in a city that is known for Adult Activities and not Kids Activities.
  3. Kid Friendly Pools – yes it’s true we have watched over the years and the number 1 Activity that most interest parents is the swimming pools at the resorts.  Kids love the pools and choosing a great pool is often as important as choosing a great hotel room.

You can plan a successful Las Vegas Vacation with Your Kids.

We pay attention to what parents want and that’s while you find an emphasis on Activities for Kids and Kid Friendly Las Vegas Hotels including an article on who has the best Las Vegas Swimming Pools. We’ll help you find a suitable sitter so mom can be out out enjoying the latest Night Clubs in Las Vegas worry free. As you investigate your Hotel Room options for your family please be sure to watch the Video Reviews of our choices for top Family Friendly Las Vegas Hotels.  As they say a picture is worth a 1,000 words there is nothing quite so convincing as actual virtual tours of the Las Vegas Hotel Rooms as compiled by actual visitors.

On a final note we urge our visitors to investigate the real world experience of other Las Vegas Travelers who have brought their children with them. For this reason we include ample links to other sites where you may compare rates on Las Vegas Hotels. These sites offer an easy way for you to see what other people thought of a Hotel Property. Real world experiences of Real World Las Vegas Travelers can not be beat. You can also check and compare room rates on preferred Vegas Hotels and we would encourage you to do so. Las Vegas Kids Friendly Hotels based on real visitors experiences.

And finally we urge travelers to compare rates with Expedia and TripAdvisor our preferred Las Vegas Hotel Reservations services. With more than a million satisfied confirmed reservations they know Vegas! And they have established relationships with all the Hotels Families will enjoy. Be sure to check out their Promotions page for the dates of your expected Travel.

Thank You for Visiting Kids in Vegas the first and best choice for parents planning on bringing their children on vacation for more than a decade.